Facial Cupping
Dry Cupping
Wet Cupping - HIJAMA

Vacuum manual therapy(cupping) is mainly used to:

  • Separate adhesions in tissue layers and create space in the fascia

  • Liberate trapped inflammation

  • Stimulate lymph drainage

  • Sedate and regulate the nervous system

  • Relieve pain

  • Soften and minimize scar tissue

  • Release rigid tissue 


Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts different cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. Cupping is said to help may ailments, including helping with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, it can also be a type of deep-tissue massage.


Hijama is the Arabic traditional medicine for wet cupping, where blood is drawn by vacuum from a small skin incision for therapeutic purposes.


Facial cupping is an amazing form of non-invasive treatment that can work to minimize the effects of environmental aging and sun damage. It is completely safe and painless. Facial cupping has been used by many people across Europe, Russia, South America and  Asia and is found to be very effective in eliminating wrinkles and providing a smooth texture to the skin.


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