Areola & Nipple Restoration

  • Micro-pigmentation is a non surgical procedure that creates the illusion of a natural areola and nipple in 3D.

  • This procedures boost the self esteem in women who have gone through the physical and emotional scarring of battling breast cancer.

  • We also offer this procedure for women who had other breast reconstructive surgeries that have left them with scars, irregular or fading areolas  

 Our Services:

  1. UnilateralAreola Tattoing

  2. Bilateral Areola Tattoing

  3. 3D Nipple Tattoing

The 3D effect of areola micro-pigmentation (tattooing) is used to create a semi-permanent image of an areola and/or nipple for patients who have had breast reconstruction surgeries (mastectomies)

Nipple and areola micro-pigmentation can help a breast cancer survivor or a woman whose had any type of reconstructive surgery feel more comfortable with her breasts. The aim of nipple and areola micro-pigmentation is to improve the aesthetic appearance of the breast by recreating, as closely as possible, a nipple and areola that mimic the existing nipple and areola (if applicable). This has a positive effect of improving body image and boosting self-esteem.

We use an array of colors and blends and different techniques like: shadowing, highlighting, feathering, and contouring for the most realistic and natural looking results. While some scars can take up to a year to heal, others can take as much as 18 months. All scars heal at different rates based on both the injury and their body’s response. These areas are great for camouflage and micro-needling with PRP to obtain optimum results!

Most clients require one initial treatment followed by a second appointment to build up the pigment color. Possible follow-up treatments in the future may be required if the pigment fades. Results vary from person to person.

Are there any risks involved with this procedure?

100% satisfaction cannot be guaranteed and the extent of the success of the treatment depends on what expectations are desired, the skin type of the patient and the method the practitioner deems appropriate. As we use a semi-permanent pigment which has been tested as safe to use for patients following breast reconstruction, the pigment may fade over time. You may also experience the following:

• Pigment may spread slightly outside the treated area

• Uneven pigment area

• Not achieving an exact match to your natural nipple & areola

As with any procedure, micro-pigmentation is not without risk. These could include:

• Discomfort during treatment

• Allergy to pigment

• Scarring

• Bleeding

• Infection

• Flattening of a reconstructed nipple




Receive free scar or nipple tattooing by being a model for our next training class. Only a $150.00 supplies fee.

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